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Battery Replacement

Before you replace your old battery pack with your new Collarworks high capacity battery pack you will need to remove all dirt water and foreign material from the collar housing.

It is extremely important that you use the proper size Phillips head screwdriver when removing the screws holding your collar together. Failing to do so may ruin your day and cause undue stress. Here at Collarworks we prefer a #0 Phillips screwdriver.

After removing the screws that hold the back plate and battery housing together, gently pry the two apart. Pay special attention not to damage the gasket that seals the halves together.

After separating the halves disconnect the six pin battery connector from the back plate.

Now disconnect the two  pin connector between the battery and the bottom cover.

Pay attention as to the orientation of the battery and the cover holding it in place.

Remove the screws holding the cover in place and remove the old battery.

Install your new high capacity battery pack into the housing.

Reinstall the battery cover and screws then connect the two pin connector.

Make sure the gasket located inside the battery housing is seated properly and the area is clean.

Connect the six pin battery connector to the receptacle on the back plate.

Push the two halves back together and replace all screws.

Press the power button to confirm the unit will power on.

The ExC234 is shipped with about a 45% charge which is good for storage. If you intend to use it give it a good charge and go.






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