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Collarworks ExC234 High Capacity Battery Pack

The Collarworks ExC234 is the highest capacity battery pack available for the Garmin DC20, DC30, & DC40 GPS dog tracking collars. The ExC234 utilizes a 3350mAhr 12.4Wh 3.7V lithium ion battery cell that is produced by a major manufacturer. This premium lithium ion cell is what gives the ExC234 such exceptional performance. No other battery pack comes close to delivering the run time of the ExC234.

The Collarworks ExC234 high capacity battery pack has gone through and passed the UN/DOT 38.3 testing requirements for lithium ion battery packs. These strenuous testing requirements ensure that we have a safe and reliable product.


Getting the most out of your lithium ion batteries.

Always recharge a fully depleted battery.

If you intend to store your unit a 40% charge is recommended.

A cool dry place is best for storage. It is recommended that you charge the battery after any extended period of non-use.

Charging your battery at room temperature will ensure that you get the most capacity and longest lifespan out of it.

When heading out to the field you will get the longest runtimes from a recently charged battery.

Never put away and store your collar with a depleted battery. Doing so could damage the battery.

Never charge your battery if it is below freezing. It must be above 32°F or you can damage the battery.

Do not leave your collar or any lithium ion battery exposed to high heat as it will shorten the lifespan of the battery.

With a smart battery pack like the ExC234 it is advisable to completely cycle it every 30-40 charges. This will help to keep the fuel gauge calibrated and provide a more accurate reading. A complete cycle is completely discharged then completely recharged.

If you carry spare battery packs for your Garmin DC20, DC30, or DC40 it is advisable that you keep the battery packs protected from impact and electrostatic discharge. Don't just toss them unprotected into your glove box or the bottom of your pack. Every battery pack we ship is packed in anti-static bubble wrap.

Temperature is one of the most important factors in how long your battery will last during daily use. Higher outdoor temperatures mean longer runtime, while colder temps equate to shorter run times for your collar.Temperatures from 75°F and above will yield the longest runtimes. Below 75°F you will start to see shorter run times. Temperatures below 32°F will be where most users will begin to see a noticeable difference.

All lithium ion batteries lose capacity over time and charge cycles; our battery pack is no exception. Our battery pack has more capacity when new and will have more capacity after the same number of charge cycles.


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